Chiropractic Glossary

Chiropractic Glossary

Here are some important words commonly used in the chiropractic profession.The words presented here are frequently used in the upper cervical chiropractic profession.


A condition by which the neurotransmission from the brain has been interfered by the displacement of one vertebra or more (the bones that compose the spine).


The actions of the chiropractor using his or her hand to reposition the dislocated vertebra, which causes interference in the neurotransmission from the brain. Chiropractic adjustment will be given for prompting the recovery health by the natural healing power.


A condition by which a secondary misalignment is caused by a gap in the Upper Cervical area.
See the picture of “Compensation Action(many effects)” at the section “ 1. Skin temperature differential” of the Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic.