Simple Scientific Facts You Should Know About The Body

Simple Scientific Facts You Should Know About The Body

Humans have a brain. Dead people also have a brain but it doesn’t have any activity. Our body is controlled through the brain and nervous system, all moments of our lives, day and night. The most important thing to remember is that “Innate Intelligence” is a law of nature. It exists within our body and controls the body using brain through the nervous system.
Innate intelligence is the name that was given to the source of power acting as a medium within our brain, so it is invisible. It is also called “wisdom of immanence”.
Forces of nature (natural healing power) are initiated in the brain, and that power is originates from the universal intelligence (wisdom of universe) which is the essence of all existence in the universe. This is the basis of Law of Nature.

Chiropractic philosophy teaches us that:

No.1  The Major Premise.

Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.

Stephenson, Chiropractic Text Book, Vol._Ⅳ. Art 24
A List of Thirty-Three Principles, numbered and named,P.31-33

The power of nature works through the nervous system using the brain. Chiropractic philosophy teaches us about this point as follows:

No.28 The Conductors of Innate Forces.

The forces of Innate Intelligence operate through or over the nervous system in animal bodies.

So chiropractic teaches us clearly that the natural healing power within us works through the nervous system. Medicine often refers to natural healing power but it doesn’t says where is it and how it works.

As a result, medical doctors worry about cells in the body, give names to diseases and treat those diseases. The condition of cells in the body depends on the proper functioning of nerves that originate in the brain. Therefore, chiropractic talks about the causes of the existence of those conditions why it is so. Medicine concentrates all its efforts on attaining results, whereas chiropractic concentrates all its efforts on explaining the source of the condition. Therefore, medical treatment or profession is absolutely opposition to chiropractic.
Nerve that is pass through inside of the spine that is very known called Spinal Cord. The spinal cord consists of an autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic); motor nerves and sensory nerves. The autonomic nervous system controls the body systems. It is an involuntary response. The heart and stomach are good examples of involuntary responses.
Even if you know or don’t know or don’t want to know, it is the fact that your brain controls your body. Dr. B. J. Palmer, the founder of Specific upper cervical chiropractic states that:
The law of life works even though the educated man knows nothing of that law.

Chiropractic Philosophy, Science and Art Vol.32 1955 B.J.Palmer Chapter 37,P.111

Therefore, innate intelligence, also called inborn wisdom, which is an inherent of your brain knows the body completely and knows its needs, knows what to do or not to do, naturally. It can do this without thinking or any education.
Treatment of diseases and relief of symptoms using knowledge freely about the human body, done by oneself, a physician or any other therapist is a medical approach. The important thing to remember here is: “Who knows the best about your own body?” And the answer is: your brain. Because it controls your body. Other persons do not control your body.
Even if medical doctors have much knowledge about the human body and diseases, they also get sick, have operations and die. Some chiropractors, even though they have much knowledge about the nervous system and spine have a bad posture. Why does that happen? Because nobody knows perfectly about the body.
B. J. Palmer comments about our knowledge about anatomy in his book “As a Man Thiketh” page 36
All that is known of anatomy is so, but all that is so of anatomy is not known.
So we can talk only about the things we know.
Chiropractic tells your brain, in other words your innate intelligence to diagnose and treat or heal yourself. The founder of Chiropractic, D.D.Palmer mentions that “Chiropractic do not treat, cure, heal or diagnose disease. As a science it is unlike any other system, it will not mix any other. Chiropractors do not treat, cure or heal effects named disease in the sense that a physician or an osteopath does. ”

D.D.Palmer The Chiropractors Adjuster, 1910 P.790

About Universal intelligence,
Innate Intelligence and Educated brain

Universal Intelligence is the source of the laws of nature. Humankind has always been living under this natural law. People are born and they will die someday. We cannot evade death as we could not have evaded coming into life. Life and death are cycles of nature. Cellular metabolism which occurs in the body is one natural phenomenon where this natural law is expressed with internal. The natural law acts in the human body through the nervous system and the brain. So we call this Universal Intelligence works in human body that is Innate Intelligence or another word inborn intelligence.
As B.J.Palmer mentioned in his words, “sunbeam is given from the sun, the source, so these are essentially the same”. Palmer refers to Universal Intelligence as “the sun” and Innate Intelligence to “the sunbeam.”

(Healing Hands, Maynard 1991, P.207.)

However, here is the difference between innate intelligence and universal intelligence: Innate intelligence single-mindedly relates to life maintenance, restores and reproduces life, such as supporting the constructive activity until the moment of death. On the other hand, Universal Intelligence protects the cycle of life and death.
The educated brain, the human being have make mistake because our knowledge is not perfect like God. But innate intelligence is perfect because it is exactly the God works within our body. Innate Intelligence is a law of nature working inside the human body.
Society, formed by the educated brain needs modification to become better. But the natural law coming from the Universal Intelligence does not need modification. This is excellent. Chiropractic entrusts everything to Innate Intelligence, the source of natural law.

The chiropractor examines and judges the “when”, “where”, “how” and “why” to adjust. Or not to adjust when not necessary. If you have subluxation and to be adjusted, we entrust auto therapy to this endogenous wisdom entirely afterwards. A chiropractor does not diagnose diseases or tries to relieve symptoms. A chiropractor finds the subluxation and adjusts it, letting nature follow its course. The neural transmission from the brain improves and the Innate Intelligence will naturally diagnose and heal the condition of the patient, who will be moving towards a better life.