The Japan Specific Chiropractic Association (JSCA) was established in 1989 and consists of chiropractors who practice chiropractic specializing in the upper cervical spine.

While chiropractic care for the entire spine is the mainstream worldwide, this is the only organization in Japan that specializes in adjustments for the upper cervical vertebra, and also the smallest organization in the chiropractic profession, with chiropractic philosophy, science and art at the core of its clinical practice.

Because of the uniformity of clinical examinations, if you move to another area for work or some reasons, etc., and you continue to visit a JSCA member’s office, your clinical records from your previous office will be copied and transferred so that you can continue to receive your examination  in the same way.

You will not be charged any extra or new fees for this. We believe that this is a good and safe system for you.

Members’ offices do not sell coupons, health food, health equipment, or any other form of solicitation.