6.The most mysterious treatment in my life until now

S  17 years old, Male

The Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic was introduced to me by my father.
I was suffering from headaches, stiffness in the shoulders due to low blood pressure and most of all I was in great pain with sciatic neuralgia.
I was in pain and the pain shifted to one of my feet and I became unable to sit down on a chair for a long time. Therefore I tried many kinds of therapies for many years. Orthopedics, massages, manual therapeutics, acupuncture, treatment of the Ki, but none of these had any positive effect. With a doubtful mind I decided to visit this chiropractic clinic. I was examined and an adjustment was done. The treatment was done only on the first cervical vertebra (in the neck) and only a very slight force was used by the chiropractor. After the adjustment, I was lying down on my side for about 5 minutes, and after that I rested in a quiet booth for 50 minutes. While I was resting in the booth, the healing process started naturally commanded from my brain. When the Dr. checked me again, my posture had improved and I my body got warm.
I visited the upper cervical chiropractic clinic for one year at the rate of once a month. At the beginning of the first adjustment was given, I was still in great pain sometimes with sciatic neuralgia on the natural healing process.
But, I don’t feel much pain in my waist now, and my posture improved, including my bowlegs. My overall health condition improved too.
Even though people doubt when they first visit the clinic, there is no doubt in my mind that their condition will vastly improve. How about visiting once just like I tried? I could get the very good result. You will be able to find the splendor you had once. As I wrote at the beginning of this text, I was in a lot of pain but now I don’t feel any and I almost forgot about the hard moments. I want to thank my doctor very much.
If you have problems, I really suggest you to visit the upper cervical chiropractic office at once. For someone my age, the adjustment is a little expensive but it is fully worth it.
This was the most mysterious treatment I ever had in my life and I think it was the best.