1. A wonderful human being!

D.G  21 year old, female

I am delighted that my neck has become so amazingly comfortable after my first adjustment. I had always been feeling a sense of abnormality in my neck, some pain in fact, when I was up or sleeping so I thought that maybe there was something wrong with a bone in my neck. So when I read a pamphlet about upper cervical vertebrae therapy, I thought: “well, that’s it”.
Now, I am relieved because the pain is progressively leaving me and I could finally understand the reason for my pain. Even with pain in my neck, I didn’t get any special treatment. It was really easy.
I am very lucky to have found the upper cervical chiropractic clinic and be adjusted there before going to the hospital. My shoulders are free from pain now and my neck and brain feel light. I am still feeling some pain in my waist and back but it is much better than before.
The human body is mysterious, isn’t it? The attention I had to give my body also attracted my interest towards upper cervical chiropractic.
I have no special medical knowledge so there were many points that were difficult to understand but one thing I understood is that our body has great powers inside. I became very happy!
I don’t have an appointment yet but I am looking forward to my next visit to the clinic to check my progression toward health and to see if my subluxation has disappeared.
In addition I am also waiting to hear various stories from the doctor. Thank you.