What Happens After The Adjustment?

After the adjustment, the patient’s innate intelligence will proceed to do the cure itself by its own power. Innate intelligence works as a natural law, regardless of will, knowledge, the patient or the chiropractor. Let’s remember that all living organisms have an innate intelligence and that intelligence knows what to do, when, where, why and how. Which means that the patient and the chiropractor don’t need to worry about where, how and when the cure will come. Everything is decided by the innate intelligence that will naturally lead the patient to a better condition. Everyone being different, each person has a different way to attain a state of cure. Some people will feel more painful for a few days or weeks after the adjustment. Others will be relieved and feel better day-by-day. And others will be completely relieved of symptoms(for example:pain) just after the adjustment.
Chiropractic works according to natural law, so we cannot promise or guarantee about what will happen and how it will happen after the adjustment. However, we can safely declare that the symptoms that appear after the adjustment are needed for the natural healing process, provided that the adjustment has been given correctly, in a philosophical and scientific manner. So, you don’t have to be nervous about it too much because it is a sign of the healing process for changing or recover the normal function that muscles, structures, tissue and organs that you might have problems leaving for a long term so far.

There is the good example. Please see below Fig. that shows right (correct) way and wrong way. If you were walking start point A to B point and arrived B point. Then you chose the way to C point walking hard with many symptoms but when you knew that you were walking wrong direction on the way of C point at adjustment point(red line). So from adjustment point, you have to walk back the same way you took before to the point B that switch to the right way as a D point. The meanings of returning on the same road from adjustment point to B point, patient will experience the same symptoms that patient has been experienced so far to the adjustment point. Recovery is not done in a straight line, the body can come back to its usual behavior and it will continue correcting naturally as it goes along the way to a normal and correct manner. In a word, experimenting pain in the process of recovery is normal.

The patient should call the chiropractor if there is any doubt about the improvement of condition called “retracing” that happed on the healing process. The chiropractor will give the proper advice and the patient will feel better. Patients who are greatly worried will be invited for re-examination right away. The doctor will be able to inform the patient if the pain is part of the pain related to the recovery process, or if it is another organic problem.
Please read the “Stories of patients who had Adjustment”, and learn about different reactions that can happen during the healing process.