12. The cause of my painful symptoms did not appear at the medical examination, and it was my neck.

Y. S., Male

I received an adjustment of the upper cervical vertebrae on September 22nd 1999. I had met an old friend at an alumni meeting. She was 61 years old and told me about upper cervical chiropractic treatment. I was telling her about my right shoulder drooping, the numbness in my right hand and that I had difficulty walking with my right leg.
I thought of trying that kind of treatment but I was doubtful. I was doubtful because I had been going to so many hospitals and bone setting offices.
I took lots of medicine following the doctors’ instructions but there was no improvement in sight. I just felt shameful having had all those treatments without any results.
Here is a list of the hospitals and bone setting offices I have visited:

March 29.1983 T Central General Hospital, Diagnosis: arrhythmia
August 2,1987 A Central General Hospital, hospitalized for cardiac problems
August 26,1987 S Blood Vessel Laboratory, changing hospitals for cardiac infarction
1990 Health screening at company, diagnosis: possible diabetes

1991 Health screening at company, diagnosis: possible diabetes
January 12,1991 M Hospital,
start Chinese medicine to treat heaviness of the body

End of January 1991
Cramp at night in the legs. Used spray twice a month
June 29-July 31, pains from right elbow to the wrist at work Three days later, red and black swelling. Applied ointment
July 14,1991 Return to Japan.
M Hospital, day after retuning to Japan, edema and pain in left leg and ankle. Difficulty to walk. Drip treatment
1994 Summer,
light cerebral infarction in Sauna bath. MRI examination at S University Hospital. Diagnosis: nothing special
January 1991-November 1997,
foot cramps around twice a month, MRI examination of the lumbar region. Diagnosis: nothing. However pain persisted

April 21,1998 K University Hospital,
Couldn’t walk caused by bacteria’ in toes. Terrible pain. I went regularly to the university hospital. Ointments and internal medicine.

May 28, 1998
My right shoulder suddenly droops at work. My right hand gets numb, and have difficulty walking
May 29,1998 K University Hospital,
examination of these symptoms. Diagnosis: no problems
June 5,1998 K University Hospital,
as I was not well, I asked for another examination. Diagnosis: No problems. But still in pain.
June 6,1998 A Central general Hospital,
requested an examination at the orthopedics department because the result of the negative results. Diagnosis: No problems.
June 13,1998 A Central general Hospital,
CT examination of head, but no problem.
July 4,1998 H Massage Office,
visiting Massage Office for right shoulder pain. I was told to go to a bone setting specialist.
July 5,1998 Bone setting Office
Used roller, electricity, massage, and acupuncture
July 14,1998 A Bone setting Office,
visiting office everyday for 10 days. However, no improvement. Treatment fee is very expensive, stop the treatment. The same day, go to bookstore and buy two books introducing a famous Dr. in Japan. Knew the Dr. of the neurosurgery of T University Hospital from these books.
July 16,1998 T University Hospital, initial visit
July 24,1998 T University Hospital, MRI Examination
July 30,1998 T University Hospital,
Found existence of previous cerebral infarction. Diabetes
August 3,1998 T University Hospital,
Examination for diabetes
August 18,1998 T University Hospital,
Brain wave examination. Clear.
August 25,1998 T University Hospital,
Orthopedic examination. Clear.
October 13,1998 Y Bone setting Office,
begin electricity, massage, and acupuncture treatments. I am still getting acupuncture treatments.

As stated above, I tried so many treatments, visited so many hospitals and clinics. I also took a lot of medicine. I was very embarrassed because of these poor results in spite of all I had done so far. I have been taking examinations and treatments from famous doctors in university hospitals, all first class doctors in Japan. I have visited internal medicine, orthopedics, surgery, neurosurgery, dermatology, diabetes, ophthalmology and cardiovascular departments. As for the numbness in my hands, all reports were clear (negative) in all these departments. However, I was still numb and feeling pain in my hands all the time. I couldn’t feel what my hand was holding.
On September 22, 1999, I was introduced an upper cervical specialist by a friend and I received an adjustment to my Atlas (C1). Since then, the numbness in my hand and my walking have been gradually improving.
When we visit the upper cervical chiropractic office, we are examined for gravity location, skin temperature differential, leg and arm symmetry, posture and more. Then, the results of those tests are explained in an understandable manner and very politely.
I had been continuously taking a lot of medicine but I stopped all that, even though I was a little afraid of stopping. Stopping all the other treatments and medicine is another important factor in my getting well.
Numbness in my hands was cured at 100%, difficulty in walking also recovered near 100%. I recovered so well due to Dr.’s excellent technology and knowledge. I became very energetic. I greatly appreciate your excellent help.
Please continue helping as many people as possible with your upper cervical chiropractic method. There are many people like me who cannot recover by going to the hospital and are embarrassed because they cannot be cured.
I have recovered my health and I will continue being checked regularly. Thank you.