3. The body leads the way to the balloon

T  38 year old, female

I should have an “adjustment” so that hearing from my friend and took an appointment at the upper cervical chiropractic office immediately.
I have had experiences of acupuncture, chiropractic and tried other various things so far but my agony continued and continued. My symptoms would vary from somehow good to terrible.
From the first half of my twenties, I started experiencing backaches, fatigue of my eyes, pain behind my neck and nausea. But I could not find the cause of these problems. I was feeling desperate and my mind was heavy and was really feeling that just like caring my body is as heavy as lead. Therefore when I heard about specific adjustment, I did not expect miracles. Due to our individual differences, I could not believe completely the advice of my friend who strongly believed in the adjustment. Anyway, I carefully listened to the Dr. about the Upper Cervical Chiropractic theory.
The adjustment was made and I slept soundly that evening. However, I felt some numbness in my left foot. I had heard a very positive story about the reaction of the after adjustment but in my mind, I was a little doubtful that is this really so? But after the adjustment, one week passed, 10 days passed and one month passed. I suddenly noticed that heavy body like lead became already feel nothing like a balloon.
I was surprised! In fact, I never touched magnetism from the day I received my adjustment. Even if I did use magnetism a lot to my shoulder and neck before. And I still do not use it nowadays. This is a very nice thing for me. Before, when I did not use magnetism, I felt heavy and sick. Now, my body feels light, I sleep well and wake up in good spirits. After all, not using magnetism is “normal”. Now, I am really glad because all that is not necessary anymore. My mind also improved too. I thank the doctor who adjusted me! !
I also thank the friend who taught me about upper cervical chiropractic. Thank you very much.