The words presented here are frequently used in the upper cervical chiropractic profession.

We know that these may not be of interest to you as a patient.

But if you know these they can be of great benefit in your life.

Chiropractic Philosophy

Universal Intelligence, Innate Intelligence, Educated (Acquired) Intelligence

(More precise on this below)

Chiropractic philosophy underpins the clinical practice of chiropractic, especially upper cervical chiropractic.

This philosophy goes beyond the symptoms and diseases that occur in the body, and goes back to the roots of human existence to recognize the significance of subluxation adjustments that occur in the spinal column, including the relationship between man and the universe, the relationship between the laws of the universe and the spinal column, and the relationship between the nerves and the forces of the universe.

Despite the importance of this philosophy to the chiropractor and patient both, unfortunately only a minority of patients know this existence of chiropractic philosophy.

This philosophy will not only help to alleviate your physical and emotional pain, but will also serve as an indicator to make your life more meaningful.

Mental Impulse

Mental impulse are different from the electrical and chemical impulse used in medicine, and are the source of intelligent activity, including the will of the universe and the laws of the universe.

This is sometimes referred to as mental force because it contains information and power (force) to maintain the body.

On this website, it is simply used as a “nerve transmission” from the brain.


A condition by which the nerve transmission from the brain has been interfered by the displacement of the vertebrae (the individual bones that make up the spine).


The action of the chiropractor using his or her hands to reposition the dislocated vertebra that causes interference in the nerve transmission from the brain.

Chiropractic adjustment will be given for prompting the recovery health by the natural healing power.


A condition by which a secondary misalignment is caused by a gap in the upper cervical region. (See illustration of the corrective action of upper cervical chiropractic)

Universal Intelligence, Innate Intelligence, Educated Intelligence(Educated Brain)

Universal Intelligence

The wisdom of the universe is the root of the laws of nature and the source of the existence of all things. Therefore, we are kept alive under this law. The proof of this is that what is born will one day die. We cannot avoid death, just as we could not avoid life. Life and death are a natural cycle. This cycle is not determined by humans. The metabolism of cells in the body is also a natural phenomenon that expresses this natural law in the body.

In this way, the chiropractic concept is that the laws of nature are also at work in the human body, and in the case of humans, they work through the brain and nervous system. This wisdom of the universe within the human body is called Innate Intelligence.

Innate Intelligence

Inborn Intelligence is the innate wisdom that is inherent in the human body.

In other words, there is a direct connection between the invisible laws of Universal Intelligence, the source of power, and the visible material of the body through the brain. Therefore, since the principles of the macrocosm are directly expressed in the body as the microcosm, the body has the laws of nature and the power of nature within it even before we are educated. This allows the body to function unconsciously. This unconscious, Innate Intelligence is responsible for the birth of us and up to the moment of death.

The expression “being alive” proves it. That is why chiropractors recommend you to spend daily lives with no disturbances in the nerve transmissions from the brain. Life and death can be replaced by the expressions creation and destruction.

B.J. Palmer metaphorically states, “sunbeam is given from the sun, the source, so these are essentially the same.” However, the difference between Universal Intelligence and Innate Intelligence here is that Universal Intelligence  maintains the cycle of life and death, while Innate Intelligence is solely responsible for constructive activities such as life support, repair, regeneration, and natural healing until the moment of death.

Let’s take the example of a cell phone (mobile phone) as an example of the connection between the Universal Intelligence and people(person).

The Universal Intelligence  is the source of information (laws), and this information is connected to your cell phone in an invisible way through radio waves. Your cell phone is the physical body of a person. When your cell phone is turned on, you are in a state of life.

The reception of radio waves by the cell phone is received by the brain, which uses the nerves in the body as a means of communication.

If the reception of a cell phone is good enough, information can be processed quickly, the other party’s voice can be heard clearly without interruption, and communication between the two parties can be smooth. However, if there is interference of the radio waves and reception is inadequate, the processing capacity of the cell phone will be reduced and communication between the two parties will be hindered. This state of radio waves  interference can be called a state of Subluxation in the body. In other words, nerve transmissions from the brain are obstructed.

When a cell phone also suffers from radio waves interference, it is difficult to hear the other person’s voice, but strangely enough, no one suspects that the cell phone is malfunctioning.

When the interference disappears and the reception returns to normal, it turns out that the cause was not a malfunction of the cell phone. The same goes for the body. When the nerve transmission from the brain returns to normal, the body will naturally recover from the effects of the universe’s will.

Medical practice specializes in the treatment of “diseases” and symptoms (parts) through human medical knowledge. Chiropractic care is based on the conclusion that subluxation is the root cause of “dis-ease”, which is the disharmony of the entire body, and to adjusts this subluxation. In this sense, chiropractic is not a medical practice or medicine.

The Educated Intelligence or Educated Brain

Acquired knowledge is the knowledge that a person has acquired through education in human society. This knowledge acquired through learning contains both true and false parts.

Learning and education is knowledge acquired after birth and is called Educated  Intelligence.

Both Innate and Acquired Intelligence use the human brain. However, the brain, which processes and responds to all kinds of information instantaneously, must also respond to the information and actions of people living in human society through education.

In other words, the quality and quantity of education we receive and the way we think and behave that is beneficial to the body, that is in accordance with the will of our Innate Intelligence, can facilitate the maintenance and management of the body, but thoughts and behaviors that are contrary to the will of our Innate Intelligence can be factors that interfere with the natural healing of the body. In this sense, the educated brain influences the speed of recovery after an adjustment. Therefore, you should try to eliminate as much as possible in your daily activities that may be harmful to your body.

For example, taking medication for a long time, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and binge eating and so forth.

Innate Intelligence does not make mistakes, as opposed to Educated Intelligence.

This is because it is a law of nature that operates within the human body.

In chiropractic, after an adjustment, we leave everything to the source of this law, the Innate Intelligence. The power created by this Innate Intelligence is called the “innate healing power”. This innate healing power is what is commonly referred to as “natural healing power”.

Whatever we call it, our body has the healing ability to correct, repair and regenerate itself.

In the case of humans, it works through our “nervous system. Please remember that.

The chiropractor’s implementation of the educated brain, the acquired intelligence, is limited to the examination and adjustments to determine “when”,”where”,”how”, and “why” to adjust or not to adjust. After that, it’s all about letting this intrinsic wisdom of Innate Intelligence take over and heal itself.

An upper cervical chiropractor is not involved in the diagnosis or treatment of your disease, or in the relief of your symptoms.

If you are a Specific Chiropractic patient who is always looking at the body as a whole, with the mentality that “Now, I can’t wait to see where it gets better,” then this method may be a powerful way to look at you.

However, if you are someone who wants to get better (easier) right here and now, or want to be healed here, there is no guarantee that this method will meet your expectations. Of course, some people will be relieved of their painful symptoms on the spot, right away, but not all.

Upper Cervical (Specific) Chiropractic is very UNIQUE.

Please remember that !

That same power that created you will repair your body.

That power Works through the Nervous System.