1.Do not take a bath.

Why: After adjustment, there is an increase in blood flow throughout the body, so bathing may be hard on the heart. As a result, palpitations and dizziness may occur, so please refrain from taking a bath.

2.Take a shower to wash off sweat, but do not wash your hair (The next day will be OK).

Why: The weight of the head is 4-5 kg for an adult, so if you lower your head and wash your hair right after the adjustment, you will create tension in your neck muscles.

It is ideal not to put any strain on the cervical vertebrae immediately after the adjustment so that the body’s own natural healing power can adjust the distortion of the lower spinal column below the upper cervical vertebrae.

If you must wash your hair immediately after the adjustment, please do so with your head facing straight ahead without lowering your head. If possible, this is not recommended.

3.Do not snap your neck. This is not only right after the adjustment, but also on a regular basis, please do not snap your own neck or have someone else do it for you.

Why: The weight of the head is about 5 kg for an adult. To suddenly and instantaneously tilt your head, which is at the center and top of your body, to the left or right is the same as using your wrist to instantaneously move a dumbbell in your hand back and forth. You will hurt your wrists. It puts a strain on your joints.

4.Do not drink alcohol.

Why: Depending on the amount, more than about 200ml. of alcohol can affect the brain.

After the adjustment, the nerve transmission from the brain is improved and the body is in the process of natural healing. Alcohol can paralyze normal brain function and interfere with normal nerve transmission. Drunkenness, loss of control, and unsteady gait are evidence of this.

5.Refrain from exercise.

Why: After an adjustment, nerve transmission is improved and blood flow is enhanced.Therefore, if the blood flow is further increased by extreme exercise or alcohol, the heart may be temporarily overloaded and you may feel a stronger beating (throbbing) than usual.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a natural therapy.

It allows your body to be rebuilt (healed) by the forces that have brought you into being and have grown you from the moment of your birth to the present. That power works through the human nervous system. In upper cervical chiropractic, unlike most therapies or medical chiropractic, the chiropractor does not cure your symptoms or disease. Instead, you allow your own innate wisdom within you to heal you. In other words, your natural healing power will heal you.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic does not recommend prolonged use of medication, massage, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, bodywork, or heat therapy. This is because the natural healing process of the upper cervical adjustment becomes difficult to confirm when used in conjunction with other therapies.

In upper cervical chiropractic, only “one” adjustment is made, either in the first or second cervical spine.

We prefer not to use any combination of the two to see the correct and precise results, but the final decision is up to you.