We will do several tests to see if you have subluxations in your upper cervical spine.

For example, posture analysis, skin temperature measurement on both sides of the spine, center of gravity measurement, short legs/short hands (arms) test, and muscle palpation.

In your initial visiting of the office, it will take about two hours for everything to be done, including all the tests and the explanation of the data.

If you come back after the initial adjustment and no subluxation is found, the examination will only take about 10-15 minutes, but if the examination shows subluxation again and if you want to be an adjustment, it will take about an hour including the adjustment and rest time.


  1. Do not drink coffee, tea, or cola (anything with caffeine) for two hours prior to your visit. Caffeine will interfere with the skin temperature measurement.
  2. Alcohol consumption (more than 200ml.) 9 hours prior to the visit will interfere with nerve transmission.

Before starting the examination:

In order to get accurate test results, please remove the following items before having the exam.

Metal items such as watches, rings, bracelets, etc., accessories such as necklaces, earrings, pierced ears, pastes, poultices, hot body warmers, stationary acupuncture needles, abdominal wraps, magnetic belts, corsets, supporters, taping, girdles, body suits, items in shirts and pockets.

These can act directly on muscles and blood vessels, fix the skeleton, relieve symptoms, and provide continuous stimulation.

Therefore, they can interfere with the examination in finding out the original state of the body through the nervous system.

If the ring is too tight for you to remove, you may leave it on.