4. Backache

K 59 year old, male

One of my disks slipped when I was cleaning the garden in the morning of March 8, 2002. I tried various kinds of treatments like bone setting, electricity treatment, acupuncture, traction, etc. And there were no results to all that.
In June of 2003, my condition really turned for the worse so I visited orthopedics and manual therapeutics but my condition kept worsening every day.
On August 30th 2003, I lost my ability to walk and to sleep due to acute pain. I didn’t know what to do. A friend took a reservation at the upper cervical clinic for me but I contacted the Dr. and asked to advance my reservation. I was scheduled for Sept. 2. I got there crawling with much difficulty. The Dr. explained the importance of the upper cervical and I was adjusted at about 10:00 AM on September 2nd. For about 10 days since I was given an adjustment it was still spending days to endure the pain. However, after September 10th, the pain started to subdue. The pain continued to decrease little by little, I could start to walk and around the 20th of September, I could stand straight. Within one month, I could come back to living a normal life. It was like a dream.
When I was introduced to the upper cervical chiropractic clinic, I was half in doubt, but now, I am proud to introduce it myself to people suffering with the same problems now. When I was introduced to the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic, I was doubtful but now I am proud to introduce myself that clinic to people who has same problems I had so far. I intend to continue getting check-ups at that clinic in the future.
Thank you.