9. A wonder . . . An unexpected condition got well

K. F., Female

I have been suffering from back pain since I was a child. And I had a disc that tended to slip when I got tired. I was rushed to hospital by ambulance.
Stiffness in the shoulders was usual for me and there was something wrong with my stomach, always feeling heavy.
I made my first visit to the upper cervical chiropractic clinic in March of this year. Before I was adjusted, my neck was throbbing with pain day and night. I couldn’t sleep unless I covered my neck with a scarf before going to bed. After receiving my adjustment, my former symptoms disappeared. The stiffness in my shoulders receded, and also felt nothing whether my stomach being there or not so far. Also, my neck condition improved and I finally could sleep normally.
From about one month ago, the back of my head and the upper part of my neck started to make a snapping sound, sometimes quite noisy. I never had any experience of my bones making noises. So I wondered about it. When I casually put a hand on a right side back of the head where there was the cave-in about the index finger size big before having an adjustment that disappeared while I did not attention there. I have not told Dr. at all about the depression of head bone because that didn’t have any effect on my health. On the contrary, the place I didn’t think about fixing this problem but it did improve by itself naturally.
This summer my body produced sweat for the first time. Now I am in good condition and I am very thankful for the positive changes in my life. Thank you.