7. A fundamental treatment

N. T., Male Dentist, Acupuncture, moxibustion and masseur

I was born with a weak body, I experienced allergies from early childhood. Those problems seemed difficult to treat using conventional western medicine so I decided to study Oriental medicine and other alternative medicines, actually I have been taken those treatment so far.
When I reached my forties, I was troubled by various diseases and poor physical health, I knew upper cervical chiropractic on TV program then I decided to try to receive it. So I took made an appointment at the nearest office from my home to have my neck and whole body examined. Before that, I had a bad posture and was suffering from a light cervical hernia so I was worried about moving my neck. I thus received an adjustment to treat those problems.
The adjustment consisted of only a light contact on my neck. Then, I was lying down in a bed for about one hour. After that I was briefed by the doctor and went home. As soon as I got home, my wife who was skeptic about my going to the chiropractic clinic told me that my posture had improved. However, I could not personally feel the difference because I still was not conscious about the changes. I noticed the changes when I tried to touch my knees on the floor.
In fact, in the past, I always felt electricity going through my right knee. I had been suffering from “transformation-related knee symptom”, so I was told from the doctor that do not fall on my knees. But I did not feel any pain. That really surprised me.
Since that time, I was treated with adjustments only twice in six months and my very bad stiffness in the shoulders, back and some stomach and heart problems have all gone. All the health treatment methods I have learned so far are good and efficient but this upper cervical chiropractic method is different. I think of it as “the foundation”.
Half a year has passed since my treatment and my neck problem called “Potter’s wheel neck” which had my head shifting to the right has returned completely to normal. I am really grateful that I could meet the upper cervical chiropractic method, and even myself wants to learn it.