5. The body insists to change

K  33 year old, female

I visited the upper cervical chiropractic office four times in one year, including two adjustments.
I was mainly worried about the distortions in my body. I was wondering about the causes of my condition. So I decided to visit the upper cervical chiropractic clinic my family regularly visited. I didn’t have a specific disease nor was I injured. But I had many symptoms and I didn’t want to go to the hospital every day.
Finally I received an adjustment and I was feeling that “my body insisted to change itself”.
After the adjustment, I did not feel worried about the symptoms I used to have, however new symptoms appeared I never experienced so far.
The poison in my body seemed to ooze out little by little. That doesn’t mean that I completely recovered my health immediately. It takes time and the body changes little by little. Now, I feel great because I am letting my body act by itself, using its natural power of its “insistence to change”. Even if some changes in the body are not especially positive, I feel that my cervical vertebrae rise in my head to some extent and I am not worried about that. I certainly hate being ill but if that problem is a claim of my body to become well, I can also now accept such changing positively. These days I fully enjoy my body and mind changing little by little, performing its normal function.
As for myself, my bones, cervical vertebrae have become dear to me. I want to keep careful an inside claim that invisible in my body and enjoy its work.
Thank you.