11. Even a baby!

Y. M., Female

My two month old daughter has a rash on her cheeks since she was born. It was painful for her and she scratched a lot. The dermatology department near our home prescribed an ointment. I was told to apply the ointment when her condition got very bad. Doing as the doctor said, the symptoms were relieved fast, but rather I worried for this effective by medicine.
It was also possible that my daughter was having some food allergy so the doctor told me to avoid wheat flour, eggs and so on. But the rash came out anyway after a while, and her cheeks became swollen. I felt uneasy but people around me said that babies have all kinds of growing problems and that I shouldn’t worry too much about it.
I had been going to the upper cervical chiropractic clinic for myself for some time, so I told my baby’s problems to the doctor. The doctor explained to me about the relation with upper cervical vertebrae. To be frank, at first I didn’t understand why the neck and a rash could be related. Moreover, there was some easiness on my part to take a three month old baby to a clinic for adjustment of the neck. But according to the doctor, all living beings, from babies to the elderly function the same way, by transmission through the nervous system from the brain. And sometimes there is a problem with the transmission from the brain when the upper cervical vertebrae move, and that causes abnormal conditions in the body. At first, I was wondering: ”How can a baby’s neck slip off?” but the doctor explained to me that sometimes the birth can have an influence of the baby’s neck. As a matter of fact, I could remember that the delivery of my baby has been very difficult and painful.
The chiropractor adjusted my baby’s neck just by gently touching it with his finger. Seeing that, I didn’t understand what he was doing. However, when the doctor measured the temperature of my baby’s neck about 10 minutes later, it had become slightly higher. The sequence of events that followed was surprising. After coming back home, the baby slept for over ten hours until the next day. The next day just passed at noon, her stools were black. I was worried about that and I called the doctor on the telephone. The doctor said: ”The stools improved because the nervous transmissions improved. Everything is all right”. I was happy to say to the doctor that my baby’s skin had improved, it had become white and the swelling was cured. The doctor told me that a rash may come out again and that was a normal reaction to the improvement of my baby’s condition. The doctor said: “it is not a bad thing that a reaction comes out. Please don’t apply any ointment if possible”.
A few days later, surely, a rash came out like before and my baby scratched her face and could not sleep. I felt sorry for her and I applied some ointment because I could not endure it anymore. She had two episodes of rash in a period of three weeks, and after that, her skin became beautiful and she stayed like that until now. My daughter’s neck condition became very good afterward, it is very different compared to before the adjustment. The biggest difference is that she doesn’t cry at night anymore, she sleeps well and is very active in the daytime. She shows interest in various things, she watches videos with concentration and I became able to do my housework while she takes a nap in the afternoon. I felt liberated when she stopped crying at night. Now she is six months old and I started weaning her. She eats food three times a day and not having to breastfeed her takes a load off my body.
The doctor said,“I do not treat a diseases. This is only the result of a better transmission of the nervous system from the brain of the baby that was improved by adjustment.”
It is somewhat mysterious.