Stories of patients who had Adjustment

These stories were written by the patients themselves who were received an adjustment by the JSCA members, telling us about how their body recovered by using their natural healing power and time, after their adjustment to the upper cervical only one place.
We did not treat the symptoms of these patients. We corrected the cause, the source of their problem. Effect always follows the cause. The stories speak for themselves.

1. A wonderful human being! (D. G 21 year old, woman)
2. Experiencing specific chiropractic (T. H 45 year old, woman)
3. The body leads the way to the… (T 38 year old, woman )
4. Backache (K 59 year old, man)
5. The body insists to change (K 33 year old, woman)
6. The most mysterious treatment in my life until now (S 17 year old, man)
7. A fundamental treatment (N. T Dentist, acupuncture, moxibustion)
8. My quantity of medicine decreased little by little and I got well (Y. S )