8. My quantity of medicine decreasing little by little and I got well!

Y. S., Female

In May of 1999, I first heard about the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic from a senior at work. She took me to that office with great hope for my cure.
Every day I took seven kinds of medicines such as allergic medicine, tranquilizers and painkiller for my shoulder. I had been suffering from an autonomic nervous system problem since childhood. When I was tired I went to bed for ten to fifteen days with a headache and terrible nausea.
Before visiting the clinic, I had awful pain to my right shoulder and hand and had been in traction at the orthopedics department. However, I was doubting about this method and I was always thinking about other good ways to fix my problems.
I started noticing changes after the adjustment. I was taking less and less medicine and I slowly recovered my health, without fatigue. I eventually could stand without feeling sick even if in the past, I had a problem with my autonomic nervous function. I first came to the Upper Cervical Chiropractic Clinic 2 years ago. And I have visited again because I wanted to have another check-up just to be sure I was on the way to being cured. I was glad to hear the doctor tell me that I will continue getting better. I felt like writing about my experience.
I am surprised to see that I have been feeling so well in the last year.
It is unbelievable. Thank you.