Case 2. Dorsal and left arm pain  79-year old, Male

This patient was feeling pain in the back and felt arm.
He also experienced pain in the neck due to his carrying of heavy luggage. Visiting between Nov. 10 to next visiting 15 improves his condition a little. He becomes able to sleep by lowering his head but feel a throbbing pain when he keeps the same posture for a while.
We can see that the position of the head has tilted to the right compared to the patient posture on Nov. 10. It was almost back to the centerline upon the Nov. 22 visit.
Around Dec. 10, pain starts to appear again in his left back. The patient reluctantly gets a massage treatment and the pain becomes more severe. He comes back to our office on Dec. 16. The photography taken on Dec. 16 shows that his posture has regressed back to the state it was upon his first visit on Nov. 10. existence of subluxation. After the adjustment made on Dec. 16, there was no remarkable change in the patient posture but upon the Dec. 22 visit, we can clearly see that the neural transmission from the brain has improved greatly. As a result, his frame position improved through natural healing. On Dec. 19, three days after the adjustment on Dec.16, the patient himself told us that pain had completely disappeared.
Five times visiting totally between Nov.10 to December 22, 3 times examination and 2 times adjustment was given.