Case 3. Lumbar intervertebral hernia  29 year old, female

The patient complains of numbness in left hip and leg. Diagnosed by the orthopedics department two weeks before with a lumbar intervertebral hernia, the patient receives electrotherapy and massages at the hospital. There are no results to the patient comes to my office.
After the first adjustment on Feb 2,2005 the patient soon becomes able to stand but the dullness in the left hip and leg remains. The patient complains of pain when she keeps the same posture for a while. Like standing. That condition improves greatly after an adjustments given between April 9 to next visiting June 18.
As seen in the photographs, her posture greatly improves compared to April 9. But subluxation pattern again came out by the spinal examination. So the adjustment was given because of the patient’s desire to have it. After adjustment, posture seems to be improved a little bit better.
Photographs are only until April 9. But the patient made six visits and received four adjustments between February 2 and June 18.