10. Ah! This is true chiropractic!

M. K., Female

I have been suffering from stiffness in the shoulders, lumbago, and back pain, headaches for over 20 years. I had to rest for one whole week several times with pain in my whole body and nausea.
When I reached 40, my physical strength started decreasing and I became worried about my future. Pain became more intense and I had terrible headaches several times a month so always needed medicine.
I gave up relying on traditional medicine and I received my first upper cervical chiropractic adjustment in March of this year, since then I completely don’t relies on the medicine anymore. Before having my adjustment, I was always worried about running out of headache pills at home. I tried various treatments for 20 years but all they did was to ease my pain for a short moment. I experienced acupuncture, Chinese medicine, massages, Shiatsu, manual therapeutics, chiropractic and others.
I had known about chiropractic treatments for years. In fact, I had been visiting chiropractic clinics for a certain period of time but they were different than the upper cervical chiropractic clinic I am visiting now. And for the first time I understood the true meaning of the word chiropractic.
I could finally understand and feel that a small gap in my neck affects my whole body. Now I can feel that my backbone and waist asymmetry are being corrected little by little naturally by the natural healing power in my body.